Jarred Bishop

Name: Jarred Bishop Jumps: 3,400+ Years in the Sport: 11 Certifications: Commercial Pilot, Tandem Instructor, Coach Primary Dropzone Function: Pilot Outside of Flying: Jarred enjoys participating in corndog eating contests (placed 3rd in 2009), doing Joan Rivers impersonations (pre 1977), world record attempts for consecutive hours of playing solo connect four, mailing 5 postcards per day to indiscriminate addresses, and watching “Throw Mama From the Train” 4 times a day.

Jeff Mosmeyer

Name: Jeff Mosmeyer (aka: Launchpad) Total Jumps: 700+ Years in Skydiving: over 5 years Certifications: Tandem Instructor and Coach Primary Dropzone Function: Tandem Instructor Outside Of Skydiving: Launchpad is a professional ABC (Adult Beverage Connoisseur), he enjoys skating with his son, Blane, rock climbing, and swimming in the river.