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Solo Skydive

Student Licensing Program 

Accelerated Free Fall (AFF)

Accelerated Free Fall is a training program developed by the USPA to allow a person to become a licensed skydiver in the most structured and expedited method. You are not required to do a tandem jump prior to beginning the AFF program, however we recommend experiencing a tandem first for most people. A 4-6 hour ground school and demonstrated aptitude is also required prior to the first supervised solo. 2 AFF instructors will accompany you on your first solo skydive giving in-air instruction with learned hand signals in free fall. You will be wearing your own rig and jump unattached to an instructor, deploying and landing the canopy yourself!

Our programs are designed so you have the option to pay as you go (per jump) OR prepay and save.

Accelerated Free Fall

Class GROUND SCHOOL 5-8 Hours $120
Jump 1 Category A 2 Instructors $209
Jump 2 Category B 2 Instructors $209
Jump 3 Category C1 2 Instructors $209
Jump 4 Category C2 1 Instructors $169
Jump 5 Category D1 1 Instructors $169
Jump 6 Category D2 1 Instructors $169
Jump 7 Category E1 1 Instructors $169
Jump 8 Category E2 First Solo! $50
Jump 9 Category F Coach Jump $119
Jump 10 Category G1 Coach Jump $119
Jump 11 Category G2 Coach Jump $119
Jump 12 Category G3 Coach Jump $119
Jump 13 Category H1 Coach Jump $119
Jump 14 Category H2 Coach Jump $119
Jump 15 Low Altitude Solo $50
Jump 16 Low Altitude Solo $50
Jump 17 Solo $50
Jump 18 Solo $50
Jump 19 Solo $50
Jump 20 Solo $50
Jump 21 Solo $50
Jump 22 Solo $50
Jump 23 Solo $50
Jump 24 Solo $50
Jump 25 Check Dive Coach Jump $119
Packing Class  Packing Class  2-5 Hours Average $50
Total $2,856


  • These prices include all rental equipment – parachute, goggles, jumpsuit, altimeter, training materials.
  • Jumps 1 – 7 include a FREE main parachute repack.
  • Jumps 8 – 25 you must pay the packer cash!
  • Jumps 9 – 25 may be completed in any order
  • The USPA A – License requires a minimum of 25 jumps.
  • AFF is a skills based assessment program. You must exhibit the skill to progress to the next level. Your instructor will work with you as to what that skill is and how to accomplish it.
  • AFF is a self-paced program. The more you jump, the faster you will progress.
  • Student skydivers must jump every 30 days to remain current.
  • If you have not jumped in the last 30 days, you will be required to do a refresher course for $65.
  • All students are required to join the USPA
  • 3 month membership = $20
  • 1 year membership = $65
  • You can PREPAY for the FULL Program and SAVE 10%
  • Be sure to ask about our Military Discount!


Becoming a licensed skydiver is easy! At the end of our AFF Program (and 25 jumps) you will achieve your USPA ‘A’ License. A USPA License is recognized pretty much anywhere in the world! The best part is, once you become licensed your skydiving experience becomes much more affordable. Licensed jumpers with their own equipment  jump for as little as $24/jump!

Solo Skydiving FAQs

Do I have to do a tandem first?

No you do not. Tandem skydives are a great way to get acclimated to thrill of skydiving with minimal responsibility, however a tandem is NOT required. You may begin the solo program at any time, just call to schedule your ground school.

How is AFF Ground School different from the Tandem Training Class?

The AFF Ground School is much more in depth training than what is received during a tandem training class. Your course instructor will cover equipment, aircraft emergencies, exit, freefall body position, deployment, emergency procedures, canopy flight, landing pattern and more. The class takes approximately 4-8 hours depending on the class size and aptitude of the student. You will be expected to demonstrate understanding of the material taught and pass a written exam in order to perform a solo skydive.

What happens if I fail a level of AFF?

Sometimes it is necessary to repeat a skydive. Mastering body position, turns and stability can take time- All students are different and learn at their own pace. Don’t get discouraged, many great skydivers have had to repeat a level of AFF. We want you to be safe and successful and our instructors will do everything they can to help you move forward in the program.

Can I get video & pictures of my AFF jumps?

Yes, you can! However, it’s important to know that safety and the student’s education takes priority. Most AFF instructors will record your jumps so that you both can look back and see what you did well and what needs improvement.