Your Path to Solo Flight

Become a Licensed Skydiver

Want to learn to skydive solo? Our Accelerated Free Fall (AFF) program is the way to do it. Our goal is to teach you how to skydive safely and our certified AFF instructors will be with you every step of the way — on the ground and in the skies.


  • First Tandem Skydive (recommended)
  • Ground School
  • Accelerated Free Fall (Jumps 1 – 7)
  • Continued Coaching (Jumps 8 – 13)
  • Student Progression (Jumps 14 – 24)
  • Earn your A-License (Jump 25)


  • Our AFF program mirrors the USPA’s training program.
  • Earn your AFF in as little as one week or work at your own pace.
  • AFF is a skills-based progression program. You have to demonstrate and achieve specific skills to move to the next jump, and you must complete the next jump within 30 days.
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Hands-On Training

What to Expect


Your first tandem skydive is a great introduction to the basic body position required for skydiving as well as the plane ride and aircraft exit. A tandem skydive is optional before you begin ground school for the AFF program, however we highly recommend it to help familiarize yourself with the feeling of freefall.


Our AFF program begins with a 4-6 hour ground school that covers the theoretical and practical training necessary to prepare you for your first solo skydive, including skydiving equipment, aircraft procedures, freefall maneuvers, canopy deployment and control, and dealing with malfunctions if they occur.

Ground school will teach you the essentials to a safe skydive before you get in the air.


Once you have met all the prerequisites in ground school, you are ready to make that first milestone jump with your own parachute!

At first, two AFF instructors will hold onto you in the air to assist you with a stable exit, freefall and parachute deployment, while another instructor will be on the ground to help guide you through landing your parachute via radio communication.

As you progress through the 7-jump AFF program, you will learn a variety of freefall maneuvers, such as turns and forward motions, front flips and barrel rolls, as well as the technical aspects of your skydiving equipment, parachute packing, aircraft spotting, winds and weather conditions, and canopy flight.


The final portion of your skydiving training prepares you for more advanced freefall skills with the help of a coach (jumps 8 to 13) as well as the remaining solo jumps (jumps 14 to 25) required to get your skydiving license.


The “A” license is the first license level you can achieve in skydiving, which is issued by the United States Parachute Association (USPA) and requires a minimum of 25 skydives. Once you have earned your “A” license, you no longer need to jump with an instructor or coach.

At the end of this program you will be ready to perform your “A” license check dive and will officially graduate from the student program. At this point you will be a licensed skydiver, which allows you to jump in groups with other licensed skydivers almost anywhere in the world.


Flexible Packages

Program Prices

AFF PACKAGE: $1280.70 ($142.30 SAVINGS)

Through our 7-jump progression program, our AFF instructors will help you acquire the skills and knowledge you need to safely skydive solo. You can purchase your AFF jumps one by one or as a package. The 7-jump AFF package price is $1280.70 ($142.30 savings).

FULL “A” LICENSE PACKAGE: $2570.40 ($285.60 SAVINGS)

Once you finish your AFF program, you can jump solo at our drop zone, but you are still considered a student. To become a USPA-licensed skydiver, you need to earn your “A” License. This requires a total of 25 jumps; some will require a USPA coach and demonstrated skill progression, some are solo jumps. Your AFF jumps apply to this number, as well. Our A License package includes everything: the entire AFF program, the additional skill and solo jumps, coaching, gear rental, and pack jobs.